Darwin’s Sparkler Brigade

From Bic lighters to sparklers, Darwin’s Brigade boys keep testing the limits of stupid human tricks.  Pass the burn ointment, please.  Gag….that burn ointment really, really tastes bad.  And that ‘Eau de Tongue’ aroma….?  Gnarly.


Darwin’s Bic-Biting Brigade

Even for a Batman, Bic-biting rarely works out well.


Darwin’s Lawn Mower Art Project Brigade

These not so clever Jackson Pollock wannabees have demonstrated that unintended consequences can also be art.  Watch how they turn green paint, a lawn mower, and a canvas and easel into a red, fiery inferno.  As a side note, one wonders whether the lawn mower wrangler has ever regrown the hair on his uncovered extremities.


Darwin’s Playground Roundabout Brigade

It’s inevitable that these young schoolyard scholars are destined to be taught a lesson by Sir Isaac Newton himself. Perhaps, even Three Lessons.


Darwin’s Candle Queen Brigade

Is that a sparkle in their eyes? Hell, no!! It’s Fire!!


Darwin’s Lily Pad Brigade