Stormy Daniels Halloween Mask Outperforms Donald Trump Mask

In a head to head competition, Stormy Daniels Wins this year’s Halloween Mask Stakes Championship by a nose.  Donald Trump comes in a strong second to Place, while Hillary Clinton falters on the backstretch for a weak Show.


Still Lyin’ Hillary’s a Real Doll

Hillary thinks she’s being cute referring to Jim Comey’s Gmail account. Two wrongs don’t make a right in the real world Hillary.  BTW.  How’s that new “Bubble-wrap” thing working out for you?



Hillary’s Last Excuse – Whoops! Didn’t See That Coming

From the Gateway Pundit, “What Happened? Hillary’s New Book Sees Price Slash of 40% by Amazon, Walmart Before Release“.

Amazon and Walmart both cut the price of 2016 failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s memoir ‘What Happened‘ by 40% just a day before its release – SAD!