Unilever’s Next Dove Advertising ‘Shit Storm’

Having washed their hands of their last lambasted ‘transitions‘ ad, Unilever-Dove has doubled-down with this new Mooch-Melania transition themed ad.

The story from CNBC, “Dove apologizes after social media users skewer soap ad as racist.”

Personal care brand Dove said a recent marketing campaign “missed the mark in representing women of color thoughtfully,” amid criticism that the advertisements were racially insensitive.

**FakeNews Alert**

Vogue’s ‘Red Queen’ Throws Shade At Melania

Vogue Fashion Writer, Lynn Yaeger, A.K.A. “The Red Queen”, unloaded this piece of snark on Melania Trump, “Melania Trump’s Hurricane Stilettos, and the White House’s Continual Failure to Understand Optics”.   Shall we compare and contrast Lynn’s “Fashion Sense” with Melania’s?

This morning, Mrs. Trump boarded Air Force Onewearing a pair of towering pointy-toed snakeskin heels better suited to a shopping afternoon on Madison Avenue or a girls’ luncheon at La Grenouille

Melania Trump(L.), her Vogue Fashion Critic, Lynn Yaeger (R.)

Segue to Houston….

Hmmm?? Air Force One Must have been supplied with ‘Venue Appropriate’ attire.

While the nation is riveted by images of thousands of Texans wading with their possessions, their pets, their kids, in chest-high water desperately seeking refuge; while a government official recommend that those who insist on sheltering in place write their names and social security numbers on their arms, Melania Trump is heading to visit them in footwear that is a challenge to walk in on dry land.

Now Let’s review some of Lynn “The Red Queen” Yaeger’s most ‘fashionable’ moments…