Pajama Boy Showed Up To The Debate Last Night

Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims Obamacare Didn’t Cause Americans to Lose Their Health Insurance

Breitbart–CLAIM: Former Vice President Joe Biden said during the presidential debate Thursday night that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) never resulted in Americans losing their health insurance plans.

VERDICT: False. Millions of Americans lost their health insurance plan because of Obamacare, which was called the “lie of the year” in 2013.

During the presidential debate, Biden said he supports Americans’ access to private health insurance, asserting his public option plan would and Obamacare never forced Americans to lose their health insurance.

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Debate Night 2020 – Where’s Hunter??

“Oh, here he is, Joe!!” Donald Trump.

You can bet Donald Trump is gonna bring Hunter Biden to tonight’s Presidential Debate–whether Joe wants him there or not.

Bombshell Statement: Biden Insider Claims He Was ‘Recipient of the Email’, Says He Witnessed Joe, Hunter Discussing Foreign Deals . . .

. . . Hunter Used Chi-Com Cash as ‘Personal Piggy Bank’

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