Observations On Leaf Raking

Some say, “For the Greenest Yard, Leave the Leaves (and the poop) Behind.”

Even if you mastered the mower this summer and maintained a lush, manicured lawn all season, fall comes with a new set of challenges. Blowing or raking leaves throughout the season can leave you feeling less like an accomplished weekend yard warrior and more like Sisyphus with his boulder.

Salvation may come from the the National Wildlife Federation, which encourages homeowners to skip raking or blowing leaves entirely and suggests that they let them be. The reason? “A leaf layer several inches deep is actually a natural thing in any area where trees naturally grow,” according to the organization. It also points out that many animal species—including turtles, earthworms, chipmunks, and insects—rely on leaf layers as a micro-ecosystem.

Do remember, though. Autumn Dog Turds…  You know they are out there.  You just don’t know where.

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