Sen. Lindsay ‘MeeToo’ Graham Hacked By Russians

In a struggle for relevancy, Sen. ‘MeeToo’ Lindsay Graham divulged on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room that he was going after the Russkies, bigly, because he got hacked by that KGB dude, Vlad Putin.

Well, I say put up or shut up, Senator. Show us the documents supporting your claim. Who hacked you? When were you hacked? Were the hackers State Actors or free-lance? What systems were hacked? Was any data stolen? What level of security did your systems have? Who was responsible for your systems security? Why are you just coming forward with this information now?  Are you and the Agents that gave this ‘information’ to you willing to testify under oath that it was definitively Russian State Actors that penetrated your systems?  Your turn, Senator.

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