‘Manspreading’ Taken To Whole ‘Nuther’ Level

She’s either really proud of her new Converse Chuck Taylor’s or she doesn’t want company…

From the NY DailyNews, “Can we talk about womanspreading?

As someone who has never been accused of manspreading — the act of sitting down with one’s legs parted to each side, consuming available space — I have nonetheless witnessed diatribe upon diatribe about how evil men are for engaging in this practice.

The habit is, without a doubt, real. But I have found that for every time a group is charged with some behavioral violation, the group leveling the charge has their own version of this.

It’s jacket season, which means that there’s a sterling chance when I go into the Starbucks, I won’t be able to find a seat, because women have provided their coats and bags with seats of their own. Like they’re buddies, out for a chai latte together.

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