The Great Kitty Breakout

I wonder which kitty is the ‘Alpha-male‘ of the pair?

Speaking of ‘Alpha Males’ and Escapes ….

Paul Newman “Cool Hand Luke (1967)”

Steve McQueen – “The Great Escape (1963)”

Clint Eastwood – “Escape From Alcatraz (1979)”

Poor Kitty – Just A Shadow Of Herself

Kitty is worn to a frazzle trying to keep up with Donald Trump’s Tweets – and he’s golfing today.

**Kitty’s name is ‘Lil Pussy, but juxtaposing a little pussy with Donald Trump always causes a shit-storm.

Kitty Would Love You For Some Bacon

But only until the bacon’s gone, then Kitty goes back to trying to figure out how to murder you.

One Bored Kitty

Christmas Caroling Kitties

‘Kittyhu Akbar’ Coming To A Subway In Your Town

Kittyhu Akbar – Be Afraid Humans. Be Very Afraid.

Warning! Don’t Tease the Kitty

Fish. Fish! All They Feed Me Is Fish