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Fascist Twitter Launches New Tyrannical Policies

The Liberty Daily–Those of us in the “conspiracy theory” world, plus a whole lot of more mainstream conservative commentators, have long speculated that Covid-19 was just a speedbump in the overarching climate change agenda. Pandemic Panic Theater accelerated the authoritarianism the powers-that-be require to achieve their goals of The Great Reset, but climate change hysteria was always the long-game.

With much of the hype surrounding Covid-19 dying down, the focus of Neo-Marxists is shifting back to climate change. We’re about to see a major push by the radicals (aka Democrats and their woke minions) to bring Greta Thunberg, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and their merry band of leftist loonies back to the forefront. The goal: complete economic control through Green New Deal style policies.

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