Lamentations Of The Twitterateri

Musk’s inner circle worked through weekend to cement Twitter layoff plans

Washington Post — Members of billionaire Elon Musk’s inner circle huddled with Twitter’s remaining senior executives throughout the weekend, conducting detailed discussions regarding the site’s approach to content moderation and spam, as well as plans to lay off 25 percent of the workforce to start.

Alex Spiro, a well-known celebrity lawyer who has represented Musk for several years, led those conversations. Spiro is taking an active role in managing several teams at Twitter, including legal, government relations, policy and marketing, according to four people familiar with the discussions who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe them, as well as tweets from some of the people involved.

All Hail The Elon

Birds Of A Feather…

Fascist Twitter Launches New Tyrannical Policies

The Liberty Daily–Those of us in the “conspiracy theory” world, plus a whole lot of more mainstream conservative commentators, have long speculated that Covid-19 was just a speedbump in the overarching climate change agenda. Pandemic Panic Theater accelerated the authoritarianism the powers-that-be require to achieve their goals of The Great Reset, but climate change hysteria was always the long-game.

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