In A World Full Of Lies…

The Truth Will Be Called Conspiracy

Orwell’s ‘Newspeak’ is already here:

ante — the prefix that replaces before
artsem — artificial insemination
bb — Big Brother[a]
bellyfeel — the blind, enthusiastic acceptance of an idea
blackwhite — to accept whatever one is told, regardless of the facts. In the novel, it is described as “to say that black is white when [the Party says so]” and “to believe that black is white, and more, to know that black is white, and to forget that one has ever believed the contrary”. (See also 2 + 2 = 5)
crimestop — to rid oneself of or fail to understand unorthodox thoughts that go against Ingsoc’s ideology
crimethink — thoughts and concepts that go against Ingsoc such as liberty, equality, and privacy, and also the criminal act of holding such thoughts. Frequently referred to by the standard English “thoughtcrime”.
dayorder — order of the day
dep — department
doubleplusgood — the word that replaces Oldspeak words meaning “superlatively good”, such as excellent, fabulous, and fantastic

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Baby, You Can Drive My Car… Even If I Can’t

FoMoCo Repo: Ford Patents System for Self-Repossessing Vehicles

Car and Driver–One day that new Ford in your driveway could up and drive itself away if you don’t pay.

Avoiding the repo man could get a lot harder in the future, specifically if vehicles can one day repossess themselves. With autonomous driving tech likely becoming more prevalent in the coming years, all it would take is an automaker to introduce a system where that new car, truck, or SUV parked in your driveway can drive itself away if you don’t pay.

Drive My Car – Beatles (Aesthetic Lyrics)