Ramadan Bombathan – Day 08

Chicago has HeyJackass.com tracking it’s record of murder and mayhem – Islam has the ReligionOfPeace.com.  Since Ramadan is “a time for reflection and contemplation”, it is fitting that special recognition be given to those that have suffered a less than ‘peaceful’ end due to the ministrations of the Religion of Peace.

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2019.05.12Burkina FasoDablo60A large group of extremists attack a church during a service, killing six, including the pastor.
2019.05.12SyriaSuqaylabiyah56A Sunni group sends a barrage of shells into a neighborhood, killing five residents.
2019.05.12AfghanistanDushi11An Afghan security official is murdered by the Taliban.
2019.05.11AfghanistanKama10A fundamentalist group murders a local official.
2019.05.11PakistanKhaipur Tamiwali43The brother of a young woman who married against the family’s wishes fires into their home, killing four.

2019.05.11AfghanistanMuqer82Eight children are pulled into pieces by shrapnel from a Taliban landmine.
2019.05.11IraqBaghdad12A child is disassembled by an ISIS bomb blast.
2019.05.11PakistanGwadar10Four Majeed Brigade gunmen stage a suicide attack on a luxury hotel, but manage to kill only one guard.
2019.05.11NigeriaMoranti41Four people are left dead following a Boko Haram raid in the middle of the night.
2019.05.10MaliBandiagara42Four civilians are shot to death by suspected Jihadists.
2019.05.10NigeriaGajiganna110An al-Qaeda linked group fires into a village, killing eleven.
2019.05.10IraqIraq20Suspected ISIS on motorbikes gun down two civilians.
2019.05.10SyriaBahdaliya12A civilian expires from injuries following a Jihadi roadside blast.
2019.05.10AfghanistanMurghab155The Taliban overrun two guardposts and massacre fifteen Afghans.
2019.05.10AfghanistanNawa Maish54Five civilians are blown to bits by a Taliban landmine.
2019.05.10AfghanistanDawlat Abad45Four children exterminated by a Taliban IED.
2019.05.09IraqKawar80Islamic militants slaughter a husband, wife and their six children in their home.
2019.05.09IraqShirqat11Suspected ISIS shoot a man outside a grain silo.
2019.05.09IraqBaghdad815A Shahid suicide bomber detonates at a packed market, taking eight ‘infidels’ with him.
2019.05.09LibyaGhadduwah21ISIS gunmen kill two people and kidnap a third.
2019.05.08AfghanistanLaywanay Bazaar32Hardline fundamentalists ambush and kill three local cops.
2019.05.08PakistanLahore1124A suicide bomber detonates amid a crowd of pilgrims at a Sufi shrine, killing eleven.
2019.05.08AfghanistanKabul924Fedayeen stage a suicide attack on an American charity office, killing nine.
2019.05.08SyriaFarat24A suicide car bomber takes out two civilian bystanders.
2019.05.08SyriaManbij30Sunni shrapnel cuts down three civilians.
2019.05.08IraqHammam al-Alil50Five family members are brutally shot to death in their home by the Islamic State.
2019.05.08KenyaWajir10An Islamist group ambushes and kills a border guard.
2019.05.08IraqKirkuk10A shepherd is put down by an ISIS bomb blast.
2019.05.07Burkina FasoSahel Reserve20Jihadists open fire on French troops during an attempt to free hostages, killing two.
2019.05.07IraqMazarei35Three people are killed when Islamic State gunmen attack a family home.
2019.05.07NigeriaMolai1112Boko Haram tear into a village and slaughter eleven people.
2019.05.07AfghanistanAlingar44Fundamentalists plant a bomb on a police vehicle that kills four passengers.
2019.05.07Burkina FasoOuahigouya10Terrorists fire into a toll booth, killing the operator.
2019.05.06IraqDebis32An ISIS attack leaves three dead.
2019.05.06AfghanistanGulistan202The Taliban storm a checkpoint and massacre twenty local soldiers.
2019.05.06AfghanistanKhwaja Bahaudin80Eight Afghans are murdered by the Taliban.
2019.05.06PakistanNorth Waziristan410Two separate shooting attacks by Islamists on local security leave four dead.
2019.05.05IsraelAshkelon12Hamas sends a rocket into an Israeli factory, killing a 49-year-old man.
2019.05.05IsraelGaza20A pregnant woman and her infant are taken apart by an Hamas rocket.
2019.05.05IsraelAshkelon10A 58-year-old man is killed outside his home by an Hamas rocket.
2019.05.05IsraelYad Mordechai10A vehicle is hit with an Hamas rocket, killing the 68-year-old driver.
2019.05.05AfghanistanPuli Khumri2055A suicide bomber plows into a police station, sending twenty strangers to Allah.
2019.05.05SomaliaMogadishu10A bomb left on a minibus kills one person when it goes off.
2019.05.05PakistanMamond10A polio worker is shot to death by suspected radicals.
2019.05.05IsraelAshdod10A young father and rabbi is brought down by Hamas shrapnel.
2019.05.05AfghanistanChah-e-Kohsani32Three children are reduced to pulp by a Taliban landmine.
2019.05.05MozambiqueMeluco30Three villagers are murdered by Islamic radicals.

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