Hurricane Harvey – ‘Hanging Ten’ With My Dog in Houston

SurferToday – “The Glossary of Surfing Terms”

Discover the vocabulary of surfing and learn new words:

Aerial – a surf maneuver where a surfer hits the crest of the wave and flies through the air
A-frame – a wave peak breaking left and right with perfect shape
Aggro – an Australian expression for aggressive surfing or aggressive surfer
Alaia – a surfboard made of wood originally used by Hawaiians to surf breaking waves, in the late 19th century
Aloha – a Hawaiian greeting that means “hello” or “goodbye”
Amped – excited, stoked
Backdoor – when a surfer pulls into a hollow section from behind the section
Backside – when a surfer rides with his back to the wave
Backwash – when a wave sweeps up the beach and returns to the ocean, sometimes colliding with incoming waves

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