Meanwhile In Canada – Welcome To Jurassic Park, Eh?

Just kidding Canada, eh? Actually these are the Hauntingly Beautiful Frozen Forests of Finland.

During winter, the heavy snow transforms the Finnish Lapland into a surreal landscape reminiscent of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.

All trees, shrubs, and rocks become so thickly cloaked in snow they appear like strange, distorted alien figures jutting out of the ground. Everything else is swallowed in a desolate white wasteland frozen under temperatures ranging from -40 to -15 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile In Canada – Another Ethics Scandal For Trudeau

Trudeau’s third ethics probe as prime minister revives long-standing questions about his judgment.

The Washington Post–Now the Liberal party leader, who once promised unprecedented transparency in government, faces accusations of cronyism and self-dealing,

Trudeau apologized this week for failing to recuse himself from the cabinet discussions that led his government to offer the sole-source contract to WE Charity after it emerged that the Toronto-based organization had paid his mother and brother hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees. But it’s not clear whether he has succeeded in changing the subject.

Way to take care of Mommy, “Little Potato“, eh?