Trump Trumps Trump

An Open Letter to Mr. Trump.

Respectfully, I have been a reliably Republican voter since Ronald Reagan’s first term and although I disagreed substantially with some of our candidate’s positions I never questioned their courage or their Trump_Palin_Dumb_Dumberwillingness to stand strong in the face of criticism from near or afar. Vicious criticisms are always a fact of life if you call yourself a Republican.

I must say, sir that you are becoming a disappointment to me. Your turning tail and running from a potential confrontation with Megyn Kelly strikes me as behavior no better than what we have already in the Oval Office.

If you are as good for this country as you say you are, and if you want me to believe that you will even attempt to do the things you have promised in your campaign, then get your ass out on the Fox Debate stage and defend your ideas.

Trust the American people to judge if you have been unfairly treated.

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