Does Joe Biden Have A Hunter Problem?

A Potential Susan Rice Pick Raises More Questions About Hunter Biden’s Burisma Ties

The Federalist–Former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice vaulted to the top of the presidential veepstakes in recent weeks as Biden draws near making his final pick just weeks ahead of the Democratic convention, which the former vice president pledged Tuesday would come next week.

A Rice selection however, also comes with raised questions over the Biden family’s shady overseas business dealings that has attracted the attention of government watchdogs and even a years-long investigation by the Senate that is still ongoing.

In addition to her previous role as the U.N. ambassador, Rice most recently served as the White House national security adviser in the Obama administration from 2013 until President Donald Trump took office. Rice, therefore, was the principle security advisor for the Obama White House as the Biden family operated under questionable arrangements involving foreign powers overseas and raising concerns from even those within the administration.

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