Order Your Holiday Meals From The Cricketeria

Bugs Instead of Turkey? Why Insects Make a Perfect Thanksgiving Dish and How to Cook Them… Eeewww!!

‘Effing Newsweek–About 80 percent of the world already eats insects, which are a fantastic source of protein. As Americans prepare for this year’s Thanksgiving meal, perhaps it’s time to consider the many merits of a bugcentric holiday feast.

Insects are a food source in many places in the world for good reason. Fried grasshoppers, as The New Yorker has reported, are excellent sources of iron and zinc, and contain three times as much protein as an equivalent serving of beef. In West Africa, they’re an invaluable staple for warding off a dangerous protein deficiency known as kwashiorkor. According to PBS, a single 6-ounce serving of crickets has less than half the saturated fat as the same amount of ground beef (plus twice the vitamin B12).