Cricketeria, Too

From FastCompany, “This Giant Automated Cricket Farm Is Designed To Make Bugs A Mainstream Source Of Protein“.  Eeewww!!!

Inside a new building in an industrial neighborhood near the airport in Austin, a robot is feeding millions of crickets, 24 hours a day. The facility–a 25,000-square-foot R&D center that opened this month for the startup Aspire–uses technology that the company plans to soon duplicate in a farm 10 times as large. It’s a scale that the startup thinks is necessary to begin to make cricket food mainstream in the United States.


Eating bugs–or at least products made from bugs–has been growing in popularity. For a few years, it’s been possible to buy cricket snacks such as protein bars made with cricket flour or cricket chips (like Chirps) at some grocery stores or online. But for insect food to fulfill its sustainable promise of supplying protein without the massive carbon and land footprint of beef, it will have to be much more widely available, and more affordable. Aspire believes its farms can make that possible.

Here’s the actual ‘Automated Cricket Factory’. And I thought all you needed to do to ‘farm’ crickets was drop some crumbs on the floor and turn off the lights.


Washington Post Fears Passive-Aggressive Trump White House Press Office

Here’s what the Washington Post writes, “Has the White House press office’s silence become a weapon in its war on the media?”  Oh Nooo’s!  They won’t talk to me.

An eye-opening sentence has appeared in several important news stories about the Trump administration in recent days: The White House did not respond to requests for comment.

Not “the White House declined to comment” or “We’ll get right back to you.” But no response at all when reporters have asked for the White House’s take on developments.

So here’s what I tell ’em. Suck it up Buttercup because I, too, know how it feels to be ignored. I send email after email to the Washington Post asking them for comment on why their Donald Trump coverage is so tainted with liberal bias, and whether it is John Podesta or Robby Mook that is providing them their talking points, but all I hear from them is ‘crickets’.

I’ve also asked them to confirm that Kate Walsh is their insider leaker source. And still more crickets. Why?


Eeewww!! – Cricketeria Reprise

Since NBC News decided to trot out it’s predictably gross “How Crickets Could Help Save the Planet” to commemorate Al Gore’s newest inconvenient movie release and Donald Trump’s ‘Climate Denier’, oil-guy EPA appointment, it time to reprise our little story on crickets.  First NBC.

Unless we all stick to salads, the global production of meat will need to double in that time to feed our growing population, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO). Feed and crop production will also have to increase in kind to support livestock and our own appetites, inevitably taking up more land space and water — precious and dwindling commodities required for cattle.

Now our reprise – Your Sustainable Thanksgiving Dinner

Forget that turkey. Or dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberries. Belly up to the cricket buffet. Eat your fill and feel good about exterminating hunger for the next generation.