Lindsey Graham vs. Stephen Miller – ‘The Thrilla In DCilla’

Lightweight Senator Lindsey Graham is refusing to accept a challenge from brawling newcomer Stephen Miller for a ‘Winner Takes All’ Immigration Debate bout on Tucker Carlson’s Friday Night Fights.  Some say the bout could rival the “Fight of the Century” or the “Rumble in the Jungle” from the Golden Age of Pugilistic Style Debating.

The ‘Probable’ Lindsey Graham vs. The Really ‘Real’ Stephen Miller

**Google’s ‘face recognition’ is vacillating between naming the “Clown-faced” image Lindsey Graham or James Comey. For purposes of this post, we’re dealing with two peas from the same motherpod. So, for full disclosure, our position is that the clown’s face was used “as an example only” of Senator Lindsey Graham in clownface.  “Effing Clown lawyers are murder on details.

What? Lindsey Graham Forgot He Voted for the #SchumerShutdown

Senator Lindsey Graham – The Early Years

Senator. You were the shining bi-partisan example Chuck Schumer used to justify his #SchumerShutdown. Didn’t waste any time starting your rehab did you? We will never forget the Reagan Amnesty cluster-fuck. And you shouldn’t either.