TrigglyPuff Learns About Gender

For all you ‘mothers’ and ‘fathers’ out there forking out $50,000 $Big $Bucks a year to educate your young Trigglies…. you may want to reconsider. Here’s how these ZeZes’ have been spending their time and your hard earned money.  Just sayin’.

There are many names that exist for a mom – Mama, Mommy, Mom and Mam to name a few. The same goes for a dad – Dada, Daddy, Papa, Pops and so on. But what about the non-binary parents?

    • Baba- based on ‘Mama/Dada/Papa’. Also means dad in some languages and grandmother in others.
    • Dama- ‘dada’ and ‘mama’ intertwined.
    • Mada- ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ intertwined.
    • Maddy- ‘mom’ and ‘daddy’ intertwined.
    • Makua- Hawaiian for ‘parent’.
    • Mapa- ‘Mama’ and ‘Papa’ intertwined.

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Robert De Niro Inducted Into the ‘TrigglyPuff’ Hall Of Shame

Robert De Niro, affectionately known as TrigglyPuff VI, seen here practicing “their”  tirade, err…trade of woke expressiveness.

Robert De Niro – TrigglyPuff VI (L) TrigglyPuff II (R)

The Other TrigglyPuffs From Our Hall Of Shame

**Eye Bleach Alert** Click “Read More” to see TrigglyPuff V, but be warned… You may never again see the world the same way in the future. You were WARNED!!

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