Never Bet Against The Bull… Unless It’s Name Is Hilaria

It’s not just her name, Hilaria Baldwin’s entire life is a fake

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin.  Two of the Top Ten ‘cheesiest’ people in Hollywood.  Apparently, a ‘match‘ made by 2020.

New York Post–It’s All Bull!! How you say . . . scam artist?

Hilaria Baldwin, the epically thirsty, self-identified Spanish wife of actor Alec, has been outed as a basic white woman from Massachusetts, real name Hillary Hayward-Thomas.


The cringiest piece of evidence is a clip from the “Today” show, in which Hilaria, speaking in a Spanish accent while cosplaying as some kind of culinary expert, says, “We have very few ingredients. We have tomatoes, we have, um, how you say in Eng — cucumbers.”

The Devil 2020 – Commercial – No more hiding!

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