The Cricketeria Is Now Open – Bug Burger Update….

Let Them Eat Crickets! Bugs Today, Granny Tomorrow.

Gimme a “Bug Burger” and an order of Flies

Swedish Scientist Proposes Cannibalism to Fight Climate Change

Breitbart – Swedish behavioural scientist Magnus Söderlund has suggested that eating other people after they die could be a means of combatting climate change.

Just In Time For The Coronapocalypse: Edible insects set to be approved by EU in ‘breakthrough moment’

The Guardian – The Food safety agency’s decision could put mealworms, locusts and baby crickets on menus. It is being billed as the long-awaited breakthrough moment in European gastronomy for mealworm burgers, locust aperitifs and cricket granola.

Within weeks the EU’s European Food Safety Authority is expected by the insect industry to endorse whole or ground mealworms, lesser mealworms, locusts, crickets and grasshoppers as being safe for human consumption.

Eeewww!! – Cricketeria Reprise – Forget that turkey. Or dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberries. Belly up to the cricket buffet. Eat your fill and feel good about exterminating hunger for the next generation.

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