So How Hot Did It Get In Portland, Johnny?

It got so hot that even the Ice Cream truck melted…

The Oregonian–Portland hit 116 degrees Monday afternoon, setting a new record high temperature for the third day in a row, according to the National Weather Service.

The high temperature at Portland International Airport had reached 116 degrees just after 5 p.m., surpassing the high of 114 that forecasters had predicted.

Monday’s record-setting temperatures broke Sunday’s record-setting high of 112 degrees. Sunday’s high had broken the 108 degree-record set Saturday, which broke the previous high of 107, first set in 1965.

And what’s worse, it got so hot that Momma’s dress started doing that ‘processed cheese food’ thing–no Rotel necessary.



California Says, “Break Out Your Boogie Shoes, ‘Cause You Ain’t Pluggin’ In Your Electric Car…Fool”

Blistering heat blankets Southern California as Flex Alert issued for Thursday afternoon

Los Angeles Times–Inland and desert regions continued to bake. Palmdale, Lancaster and Sandberg broke records set in 1961 at 112, 113 and 101 degrees. Woodland Hills saw a high of 107, down slightly from Tuesday.

The California Independent System Operator, which monitors power lines across the state, initially said Wednesday that the grid was stable and that the state would have enough electricity to meet demand. Just hours later, however, the agency issued a Flex Alert for Thursday from 5 to 10 p.m. to encourage reduced energy usage because of the strain on the state’s grid.

Residents are advised to avoid lowering the thermostat during those hours and to complete tasks involving high amounts of energy beforehand, such as using major appliances and charging devices and electric cars.

K.C. and Sunshine Band – Boogie Shoes(Long Version)

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