Chimp Sniper School

ISIS Dream Girl

The Hoop Earrings are a nice touch, but maybe not so Sharia. I’ll bet Abdullah would make an exception, though.

TransGender, TransJenner or FrankenJenner??

Things are just way too complicated now…

Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do?

Cops Theme – “Bad Boys”

Murica – 18 Wheeler Pontooner

10-4 Good Buddy.  Watch my wake.  Not a catfish in sight.

Mark Halprin’s New Gig – “Press The Meat”


Just ‘Effing Why?

Snoop Dogg R.I.P. – Hang Up Those SoCal 90’s

Bashing Trump won’t make the Dogg any more relevant than his Adidas SoCal 90’s footwear.  Snoop.  Why don’t you just Fade Away and Party Like It’s 1999, instead of giving black and brown people more excuses to murder each other?

Chicago Murders courtesy of