Mr. Peanut Killed Off By Planters

Was it an ‘heroic’ end to the 104 year old salty old  spokespeanut, or a case of premature wokeness?

EW–Mr. Peanut, who lived out the entirety of his years as the mascot of the Planters snack food company, has died. He was 104.

The iconic brand ambassador died heroically sacrificing himself to save his friends Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh. The trio were driving down a desert road in Mr. Peanut’s signature vehicle, the Nutmobile, when Mr. Peanut swerved to avoid an armadillo, sending them flying from the car and ending up dangling from a precarious branch. Mr. Peanut chose to let go of the branch, plummeting into the canyon below, to let his companions live.