Dump The NFL Opener Today

There is no reason on earth good enough to make you watch the Falcons play the Eagles today.  Nobody’s really figured out that whole National Anthem ‘thing’, Kaepernick “The Kneeler” is hawking hate along with sneakers for Nike, and your Budweiser is still  speaking Dutch, or is it French, or maybe German.


DumpNFL – Kapernick’s Cheerleaders

Dump ’em all!!


DumpNFL – No Football Here

Yes, it’s another NFL “Football Free” Sunday. There’s still Christmas shopping to do and you still haven’t seen “Star Wars – The Last Jedi” yet. And you still haven’t gotten your work clothes washed because you fell off the wagon, so to speak, and watched some of the crappy pre-Christmas College Football bowls. The Camellia Bowl? Give me a break.


DumpNFL – This Is A ‘Football Free’ Week, Isn’t It?

You decided not to watch Thursday Night Football.  Remember?  There you go.  That’s right, you do remember.




Remember To Forget About Thursday Night Football

Dump Thursday Night Football!  It’s just another crappy game between two mediocre teams (Cowboys 5-6, Redskins 5-6) in a season of just plain crappiness by everyone involved in the crappy game.


Forget About Thursday Night Football

It’s only the Tennessee Titans vs. the Pittsburg Steelers.  Somebody will win, somebody will lose.  What difference does it make.  Now if you want to see a real slaughter watch Senator Al Franken vs. Judge Roy Moore in a true battle of the creepy sexual predators.  The ‘Head’ Referee will be none other than Sylvester “Rocky Balboa” Stallone.