TrigglyPuff Learns About Gender

For all you ‘mothers’ and ‘fathers’ out there forking out $50,000 $Big $Bucks a year to educate your young Trigglies…. you may want to reconsider. Here’s how these ZeZes’ have been spending their time and your hard earned money.¬† Just sayin’.

There are many names that exist for a mom – Mama, Mommy, Mom and Mam to name a few. The same goes for a dad – Dada, Daddy, Papa, Pops and so on. But what about the non-binary parents?

    • Baba- based on ‘Mama/Dada/Papa’. Also means dad in some languages and grandmother in others.
    • Dama- ‘dada’ and ‘mama’ intertwined.
    • Mada- ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ intertwined.
    • Maddy- ‘mom’ and ‘daddy’ intertwined.
    • Makua- Hawaiian for ‘parent’.
    • Mapa- ‘Mama’ and ‘Papa’ intertwined.

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