Eric Swalwell’s Appetite Is Larger Than His Patriotism

One might say Eric Swalwell is “Hungry” for Power.

Girl you got this need to know what I’m all about
There’s something that you dig you can’t figure out
Well, you wanna know what moves my soul
And what ticks inside of my brain

But I’ve got this need I just can’t control, and it’s
A-drivin’ me insane
I can’t take it! Owww!
Because I’m hungry for those good things, baby
Hungry through and through
Well I’m hungry for that sweet life, baby
With a real fine girl like you

Eric Swalwell Does The ‘Bang Bang’ With Fang Fang. For Money.

Love you long time, Congressman.

Suspected ‘Honey Trap’ Chinese Spy Targeted Bay Area Congressmen Swalwell and Khanna

SFiST–Swalwell appears to be Fang’s highest-level target in the reported information. She worked as a contribution “bundler” in Swalwell’s 2012 upset win over Pete Stark (foreign nationals cannot directly contribute to campaigns, but they can solicit other people’s contributions), and per Axios, she got an intern placed Swalwell’s office. The FBI did not find any illegal activity that we know of yet, and when the FBI privately warned Swalwell of Fang’s alleged espionage ties, he did cut off contact.

Fang Fang And Fart Fart Star In “The Spy Who Loved Me”

GOP Leader McCarthy Says Democrat Rep Eric Swalwell Should be Removed From Congress After China Spy Report

Gateway Pundit–As reported earlier, a Chinese spy raised money for Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA) and planted an “intern” in his congressional office.

Fang was a “bundler” for Eric Swalwell and other Democrat candidates but it is also believed the Chinese spy and honeypot had an intimate relationship with Swalwell.

When asked if Swalwell had an intimate relationship with honeypot and spy Christine Fang, Swalwell’s office replied they couldn’t comment because that information could be “classified.”