ShamWell SwalWoww

Eric Swalwell.  You know you’re a bad candidate for President when even CNN takes a dump on you.  Mouth vomit?  I’m dyin’ here…

* Eric Swalwell: You know that guy in high school who has a catchphrase? And, the first time you hear it, you’re like “That’s not bad!” But by the time he says it for the 30th time before lunch, you have to fight down the urge to vomit in your mouth? That’s Eric Swalwell and “pass the torch.”

**Eric in all his glory found here. Heh.


Eric Swalwell – Another Gun-grabbing, Open Borders, Race Pandering Democrat Zero

Swalwell is polling at Zero, Zip, Nada in the RealClearPolitics Polling. No different from his personality, proposals, or Presidential prospects. Just ‘effing go away Eric.


Eric Swalwell Announces 2020 Run

Mr. President Eric Swelledhead.  It has quite to ring to it, don’t you think?  Nuke ’em, Eric!!


Representative ‘Studs’ Swalwell

Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell appears to be fixated on the “studs” in the Trump Administration. I couldn’t quite figure out whether he was making a veiled reference to Stormy Daniels, or refurbishing the Oval Office for Trump’s second term. Now rumor does have it that Mr. Swalwell has spent some serious time personally investigating the Trump/Stormy connection. He brags that he’s logged at least 40 hours on Ms. Daniels rather ‘ample’ website.


**Disclaimer–Just kidding, Mr. Swalwell. We won’t know for sure that you’ve been using your Government computer to log onto porn sites until we finish the investigation. Oh, and as far as using your Congressional Expense Account to pay for your PornHub subscription….? I’m sure you have a perfectly logical explanation.



Democrat Eric Swalwell – Turd in a Punchbowl

Congratulations Congressman. Awarded for your performance on Friday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show you win this weeks’s ‘Turd in a Punchbowl’ Award for being a, well… really sludgy sort of person.

This “Turd in a Punchbowl” Award dumped on Rep. Eric Swalwell for his appearance on Tucker Carslson Tonight


Dem Rep. Eric Swalwell Does the Joe McCarthy Two-Step Dance

Doing his best Joe McCarthy impersonation, Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell was overheard saying, “There’s Russkie bots to the left and Russkie bots to the right and Russkie bots in front and Russkie bots behind and even Russkie bots inside of us. And they’re all working from Trump.” Heh. #ReleaseTheMemo