Eric Swalwell – We Always Knew You Were A Gasbag…

But Farting LIVE On National TV??

Either “You Da Man” (giving some credit for a ‘guy thing’ spectacularly done), or you’re so full of your own self and this Impeachment Bullshit that even your own bowels couldn’t stand it.  But whatever….

Tonight you have sole ownership of the coveted “Golden Turd Award”.  Job well done, Mr. Swalwell.  My guess is you’ve just become a very, very tempting target for a new Presidential nickname.  Heh.  You should also beware of being kicked off the AOC’s Green New Deal Island for single-handedly taking months off Mother Earth’s survival – flatulence, you know, Eric, flatulence.

ShamWell SwalWoww

Eric Swalwell.  You know you’re a bad candidate for President when even CNN takes a dump on you.  Mouth vomit?  I’m dyin’ here…

* Eric Swalwell: You know that guy in high school who has a catchphrase? And, the first time you hear it, you’re like “That’s not bad!” But by the time he says it for the 30th time before lunch, you have to fight down the urge to vomit in your mouth? That’s Eric Swalwell and “pass the torch.”

**Eric in all his glory found here. Heh.

Eric Swalwell – Another Gun-grabbing, Open Borders, Race Pandering Democrat Zero

Swalwell is polling at Zero, Zip, Nada in the RealClearPolitics Polling. No different from his personality, proposals, or Presidential prospects. Just ‘effing go away Eric.