The Winner of the Ugliest Swimsuit Contest is…. Trump Update

Wait a minute, wait a minute!! Hold the FakeNews Presses!! Donald J. Trump said the contest was rigged. Everyone knows that his ugly swimsuit should have won. The ‘Donald’ was heard saying, “It was collusion between Fake News CNN, the Failing New York Times, and Bezos’ Personal Propaganda Warehouse, The Washington Post, that kept me from winning.”  Just ask Scaramucci if it isn’t so….

And the winner still is, Hillary Clinton. Sorry, Mr. President.

Dazed and Confused – Dog Rescuer

It looks like he rescued the extremely endangered “Bearded Horny-goat Dog”.  It also looks as though he’s on his way to audition for the newest Harry Potter sequel, “Harry Potter and the Lost Summer of Love.”

Guido’s GPS

Follow the ‘breadcrumbs’, Guido.

Melissa McCarthy – “You’re Fired!!”

When Sean Spicer resigned this past week, Melissa McCarthy got her SNL pink slip too.  Her 15 minutes of fame lasted about 6 months, but who’s counting.  When you’re up, you’re up, Melissa.  Otherwise, good riddance, ‘nasty woman’.

The Winner of the Ugliest Swimsuit Contest is….

Hawk’s Straight Outta Compton