Did Trump’s ‘Travel Ban’ Include Obama’s Modern Day ‘Pilgrims’?


For Those Protesting Trump’s Travel Ban


Logical Emergency Preparedness


Snowpocalypse – Bring Your Furry Buddies Inside


Tic-Toc: Ninth Circuit, Washington State, Democratic Party, Et Al. – You Own Every Terrorist Incident…

…. Murder, Rape, Immigration Law Violation, Car Accident, Crime, and Wasted Tax Payer Resource that stems from the results of this crazy opinion.

Read the Ninth Circuit Opinion here.



Fat, Pretentious, Bill Kristol Smirks About Fate of Working Class

This little supercilious and self-satisfied commentary by GOPe, and #NeverTrumper, Bill Kristol, is exactly why Donald Trump was elected.  And it is exactly why he and his “GeorgeWill-ian” kind need to be kicked to the curb.

Don’t worry Bill, nobody’s taping this….