#Call Me

Be it Bruce(Caitlyn), or Rachael, or Hillary — these “women” need a name; don’t they?  Everyone needs to be called something or another???

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Hillary’s Oppo Research

Here’s a small detail Hillary’s (well, they might as well be) opposition research group, American Bridge, left out of their Marco Rubio “fishing boat” hit piece.



Daily Darwin – Blonde Sliding Gene, Recessive

You really have to watch out for that first step, whatever way you stumble over it.

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NYTimes: Slouching Toward Hillary

NYTimes_LogoJust when I was being to think that the NYTimes was edging toward some sort of reportorial balance and worth reading rather than being mere fishwrap or expensive compost filler, a hit piece like “Rubios on the Road…” pops up.

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Chiraq – Redux

They say “necessity is a mother”.  The cops crackdown on guns, so the fine youngsters from the neighborhood pay a visit to the “Rez” and come back with some “crackers.”

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Someone Had to Ask

Inquiring minds want to know when the Bruce Jenner commemorative road signs will be changed?

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