Facebook Bans Principles And That’s The Fundamental Truth


Powerline–I know that Facebook is having a bad week, between the faceplant of an outage on Monday, and then the testimony in the Senate by a “whistleblower” (who appears to be a leftist plant, so conservatives ought to be careful before jumping on that bandwagon), but this afternoon Facebook turned in an inexplicable performance.

I saw several entries that showed this image as being concealed as “sensitive content” because it potentially upset people and therefore came close to the line of FB’s “community standards”:

Another Bad Two Weeks For “The Zuck” And The Big Faceplant Book

So what’s a mere $73.5 Billion among ‘friends’. Heh.

YCharts Facebook Market Cap

March 29, 2018464.19B
March 28, 2018444.55B
March 27, 2018442.20B
March 26, 2018464.97B
March 23, 2018463.03B
March 22, 2018479.01B
March 21, 2018492.08B
March 20, 2018488.48B
March 19, 2018501.29B
March 16, 2018537.69B
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