Appropriate This, Joy Reid

Joy Reid accuses Elon Musk of cultural appropriation (but not Elizabeth Warren?)

Hot Air–As Musk pointed out yesterday, he’s expecting a tax bill this year which will make him the single highest individual taxpayer in history. Reports suggest his bill could reach $15 billion. Of course Warren didn’t mention that because it’s hard to make a $15 billion tax bill jibe with calling someone a freeloader.

In any case, last night Joy Reid decided to weigh in on her show by naming Musk “The Absolute Worst.” I guess that’s a recurring segment on her show. I don’t know because even Elon Musk couldn’t pay me enough to watch it. But in addition to calling him a freeloader and referring to him as “junior bird man,” Reid also claimed that Musk was guilty of “misappropriating black vernacular.”