Trump Deraignment Syndrome Begins

Courtesy of the NY Daily News we get, perhaps, the stupidest story yet about Trump Deraignment Syndrome, “The complete guide to fleeing President Donald Trump’s America“.

NYDailyNews_Cover-Make_America_Migrate_CaptureFor folks across the nation, the election of Donald Trump would make America grate — again.

The mere thought of President Trump taking the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2017, has already led to threats from U.S. citizens that they would leave our red, white and blue borders behind if The Donald reaches The White House.

But get this howler!!  The number one “Enclave for expats” is (drumroll, please), Singapore–the Caning Capital of the World.  I would encourage Meg Wagner, the author of this tripe, to take her own advice and try it.  Then she can pen another piece and tell us all how it worked out for her.

Singapore might be your best bet. The island nation boasts the top quality of life for expats, according to a 2015 survey of expats by InterNations, a 2 million-person strong network of migrants.

The Asian county earned the title for its slew of high-paying jobs, welcoming atmosphere, stellar health care facilities and top-notch public transit. English, one of Singapore’s four official languages, is used frequently, especially in urban areas, so communication barriers are limited for Americans.

Move you Lefty idiots! These fine folks in Singapore will beat you like a drum, and there ain’t no safe spaces. Here’s your menu of caning choices. Chew on it.  The list below is just a partial summary.  The link clicks to a complete list which is a real killer.


Drugs offences

Minimum strokesMaximum strokes *OffenceLegislationYear enacted
215Trafficking of a minimum quantity of drugs35 and 33 Misuse of Drugs Act1973
515Unauthorised import or export of drugsS7 and 33 Misuse of Drugs Act1973
312Repeat consumption of specified drugsS33A Misuse of Drugs Act1998
515Unauthorised manufacture of drugsMisuse of Drugs Act1973

Immigration offences

Minimum strokesMaximum strokes *OffenceLegislationYear enacted
324Entering or remaining in Singapore without a valid passS6, 11A Immigration Act1989
324Illegal overstayers for a period exceeding 90 daysS15 Immigration Act1989
324Engaged in business of conveying into Singapore and prohibited immigrantS57(c) Immigration Act1989
324Knowingly employing more than 5 illegal immigrantsS57(e) Immigration Act1989

Sexual offences

Minimum strokesMaximum strokes *OffenceLegislationYear enacted
Nil24RapeS375+ Penal code1871
1224Voluntarily causing hurt or putting person in fear of death or hurt in order to commit rape; or statutory rape of a woman under 14 years of ageS376 Penal Code1871 (1984)
124Voluntarily causing or attempting to cause death, hurt or wrongful restraint in order to outrage modestyS354A(1) Penal Code1871
Nil24Assault or use of criminal force to a person with intent to outrage modestyS354 Penal Code1860
124Assault or use of criminal force to a person with intent to outrage modesty in a lift or against any person under 14 years of ageS354A(2) Penal code1984
Nil24Sexual penetration of a corpseS377 Penal code2007
Nil24Sexual penetration with a living animalS377B Penal code2007
Nil24Second or subsequent offence relating to prostitutionS140(2) Women’s Charter1961
Nil24Second or subsequent offence of living on or trading in prostitutionS146(2) Women’s Charter1961
Nil24Sexual penetration without consentS376 Penal Code2007
1224Sexual penetration of a minorS376A Penal Code2007


Public order offences

Minimum strokesMaximum strokes *OffenceLegislationYear enacted
Nil24RiotingS146 + 147 Penal code1973
Nil24Rioting armed with a deadly weaponS148 Penal Code1973
38Vandalism (writing, drawing, painting marking or inscribing on any public or private property without permission and stealing destroying or damaging any public property)S3 Vandalism Act1966
Nil24Every member of an unlawful assembly shall be deemed guilty of rioting if committed in prosecution of a common objectS149 Penal Code
Nil24Joining an unlawful assembly armed with a deadly weaponS144 Penal Code2008
Nil24Person who hires, or connives at hiring, others to join an unlawful assembly punishable as a member of such unlawful assemblyS150 Penal Code


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