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California’s Blackouts Expose Biden-Harris and The Green New Deal

RealClear Energy–This past week, the nation has watched California experiencing its first intentional rolling blackouts since the state’s 2001 energy crisis. Governor Gavin Newsom, pointing out that solar panels don’t work at night and acknowledging the unusually calm winds which don’t move turbines, called the situation “unacceptable.”

That situation, the one created by government leaders supplanting reliable, inexpensive, domestic, abundant fossil fuels for the en vogue yet inadequate green energy, isn’t getting better, either, as the energy demand is only increasing and likely to exceed the record reached in 2006. The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board referred to this as “California’s green new normal.”

When The Lights Go Out In The ‘City By The Bay’

Rolling blackouts warned to hit millions in California as California becomes just Another Third World Shithole…

Los Angeles Times–Newsom pledged a full investigation into the cause of the power shortage.

“We’ve always maintained that, a golden oldie, you can’t control the weather, but you can prepare for the weather events,” he said. “And let me just make this crystal clear: We failed to predict and plan [for] these shortages, and that’s simply unacceptable.”

He framed the shortage as a consequence of the state’s transition from polluting gas plants to cleaner sources of energy and said the high demand placed on the grid due to the record heat over the last few days has exposed “gaps in terms of that reliability.”

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California, Newest Member Of The Third World Shithole Club, Prepares For Summer Blackouts

PG&E power shut-offs are coming back.

Map Published in LA Times

SFGate–For the millions of Californians sticking close to home during the coronavirus pandemic, unwelcome news from PG&E has landed: The dreaded Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) may be coming back.

The beleaguered company claims that, unlike last year’s days-long shutoffs, this year any power outages due to dangerous wildfire conditions will be shorter and smaller.

“The cadence and frequency of notifications will depend on the forecasted gusty winds and dry conditions, combined with a heightened fire risk, and how quickly those threats change, among other factors,” says PG&E.

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Calizuela Dreamin’

Blackouts: California’s Electric Car Dream Is Turning Into A Nightmare

The result? A blackout akin to the Venezuela 2019 blackouts that kept millions in the dark.

The blackouts—which one might expect from a third-world or mismanaged nation such as Venezuela or even Pakistan, which leads the world in the number of annual blackouts—are life and death for some California residents, and the problem isn’t expected to be resolved anytime soon. But it also may mean life and death for California’s plan to encourage residents to adopt EVs.

Unlike third-world blackouts, critical California operations such as medical facilities are all equipped with backup generators for times of outage. But residents who rely on electricity to power medical devices are at great risk. And EV owners may find themselves stranded.