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Blackouts: California’s Electric Car Dream Is Turning Into A Nightmare

The result? A blackout akin to the Venezuela 2019 blackouts that kept millions in the dark.

The blackouts—which one might expect from a third-world or mismanaged nation such as Venezuela or even Pakistan, which leads the world in the number of annual blackouts—are life and death for some California residents, and the problem isn’t expected to be resolved anytime soon. But it also may mean life and death for California’s plan to encourage residents to adopt EVs.

Unlike third-world blackouts, critical California operations such as medical facilities are all equipped with backup generators for times of outage. But residents who rely on electricity to power medical devices are at great risk. And EV owners may find themselves stranded.

New York Times Cowers From It’s Own Reporting On The California Wildfires

What a difference a couple of years and a new President make in how the New York Times  reports on the California fire situation.  The New York Times, in several articles, predicted those very ‘self-same’ fires to which Donald Trump recently observed that California’s broken Fire Management System bore some responsibility.  For nearly 2 1/2 years the NYT pointed out (credit where credit is due) that California was tinderbox waiting for a spark and that the ‘fuel load’ was incomprehensible.  And yet, let Trump point out the obvious, the same point made by the newspaper for years, they fact-check Trump and say, “it’s complicated.”  This is why “FakeNews” claims resonate with any thinking person that stays moderately informed  and has  even a bare minimum of critical thinking ability.

Any reasonably fair news organization would have written something to the effect that Gov. Brown and his Liberal Green California Democrats and their politically correct policy decisions bear some responsibility for the conflagration and should own it.  Wouldn’t the same logic that says Donald Trump is responsible for the deaths of 2 Illegal Immigrant children because “he’s President, and it’s his policies” that make it more difficult for Illegals to sneak in, also then, apply to Gov. Brown, his policies, and his crew for every one of the more than 76 deaths from the Camp Fire and the rest.

Here’s a few of the stories featured in the New York Times about the inevitability of catastrophic fires in California.

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Now That The Rains Have Come To California…

California has a fire problem, but mostly it has a ‘liberal’ problem.  Donald Trump pointed out the obvious–if California managed their forests better (and without all of liberal greenie dogma), fire danger and fire damage could be lessened.  Two New York Times articles exemplify what you get when you mix science and Trump Derangement Syndrome – a murderous stew of passive-aggressive self deception.

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