Tonight On CNN’s ‘Fredo Prime Time’…

Fredo’s Guest Tonight Is “Arnold Schwarzenegger on Bodybuilding, Steroids and His Love of Sylvester Stallone.

Fredo promises a frank discussion with the bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned-governor about his Mother’s concerns about the pictures on his bedroom wall of “naked men all oiled up.

**/sarc ‘n /snark


Fredo, Frodo, Cuomo. What Difference Does It Make, Chris?

Chris Cuomo. CNN Anchor. Poster Boy for “Just Saying ‘No’ To Steroids”.

**”Roid Rage

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‘Shit Weasel’ Abilio James Acosta Misquotes Trump Again

President Donald Trump had a press conference today introducing his new proposed fix for some of the country’s Immigration problems. FakeNews CNN’s Jim Acosta attended. Oh what a perfect opportunity for Lyin’ Abilio James Acosta to spread some excrement about what the President said. Why? Because a shit weasel’s gotta a do what a shit weasel’s gotta do.


FakeNews CNN Goes ‘Into the Breach’ Of Climate Change

Breitbart reports that FakeNews CNN’s  “Move to Hudson Yards Proves CNN Knows Global Warming’s a Hoax.

If CNN believes Global Warming is a real and an imminent threat, why did the far-left network agree to move much of its broadcasting operations to a location … right on the water?

Outside of the basement-rated outlet axing more than a hundred jobs on Monday, the big media news this week is CNN’s move to Hudson Yards, which sits right on the coast, right on the Hudson River.

In other words,  CNN has moved to the water’s edge of Manhattan, the very same Manhattan that will be underwater as soon as 2015.

Oops, sorry, that was an old scientific prediction. Obviously, 2015 has passed without Manhattan flooding.

But Manhattan will be underwater as soon as 2018, which can only mean that–

Oh. Sorry again, that was another prediction our global warming scientific experts got wrong. But soon, very soon Manhattan will be underwater because the scientists CNN takes very, very seriously say so.

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Roger Stone – The Reason I Don’t Get My News From CNN….

“I do not eat out of the toilet….”

“The vicious biased media coverage since I was charged has been well beyond anything I have seen in
 50 years of American politics. At an appropriate time I will document the lies and misrepresentations. Of the press, suffice to say, CNN is not a news organization but a propaganda front. I do not get my news from CNN for the same reason I do not eat out of the toilet.”  Roger Stone


“Another Day In Trump’s America” – The Side Of The Story Missed By The Fakenews Media

‘Perspective’ means everything to how a news story unfolds. Trump Derangement Syndrome destroys all perspective and creates a false narrative. Ask the Washington Post or CNN about their perspective in reporting the news. Hint. Nick Sandmann. It’s a 500 Million $Dollar question. Watch “Another Day In Trump’s America” for a ‘new’ perspective on what the Mainstream Media reports.

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