FakeNews CNN – FakeNews Days Record

We keep watching and keeping records on FakeNews CNN so you won’t have to. It’s a ‘Dirty Job’ that even Mike Rowe turned down, but here we are…watching…so you won’t have to…watching…waiting…”The truth is out there“.  Just not on FakeNews CNN.

FakeNews CNN – Can’t Fix Stupid

If you haven’t deprogrammed FakeNews CNN from your remote yet, at least Duck Tape the speakers.

FakeNews CNN – Can’t Stop The Trump Train



FakeNews CNN ‘Censors’ Trump Campaign Ad

If FakeNews CNN won’t run a President Donald Trump Re-Election Campaign Ad ‘trumpeting’ his accomplishments, and jabbing the MSM Press (just a little), we will.  Watch.

Let President Trump Do His Job

FakeNews – Headline Writing for Dummies

Match the Headline to the News Organization.

“Cop Beats Unarmed Black man.”  – CNN

“Cop Watches While Partner Beats Unarmed Black man” – Washington Post

“Cop Cheers Partner While He Beats and Humiliates Unarmed Black man.” – New York Times

“Racist Cop Watches Partner Beat and Humiliate Young Unarmed Black man While His Hands Were Clasped in Prayer. – Politico


The Winner of the Ugliest Swimsuit Contest is…. Trump Update

Wait a minute, wait a minute!! Hold the FakeNews Presses!! Donald J. Trump said the contest was rigged. Everyone knows that his ugly swimsuit should have won. The ‘Donald’ was heard saying, “It was collusion between Fake News CNN, the Failing New York Times, and Bezos’ Personal Propaganda Warehouse, The Washington Post, that kept me from winning.”  Just ask Scaramucci if it isn’t so….

And the winner still is, Hillary Clinton. Sorry, Mr. President.

FakeNews CNN’s Brian Stelter – “Trump Lika Da Russia…”

Donald J. Trump is living in Brian Stelter’s head.

Some ‘Attitude Antidote’ Before Reading Today’s Drudge Report

Have a little fun while being immunized against this morning’s Drudge Report headlines.

Drudge is shouting again.