Come’on Oscars – Tear Down Those ‘Effing Walls

Hollywood Elites.  If walls and fences and ID Cards and Invitations and guns are immoral, then why do you have so very many of them at your very own Oscar Event?  Are you all racists?  Or do you just hate all those deplorable unwashed people out there that just really want to see what the Red Carpet looks like.  After all, those are the people that do the jobs you don’t want to do and support the economy that keeps you in booze, babes (or boys), big houses, big boats, big cars, big egos, and big drugs.  Tear Down Those ‘Effing Walls, Oscar!!

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Gypsy, Tramp or Thief

It’s ironic that Hollywood Liberals like Cher resort to body-shaming someone like Sarah Sanders because they disagree with their beliefs. #HollywoodHypcrites are always so short on arguments or critical thinking that their only recourse is ‘huck‘ insults like third graders. Sorry for the comparison, third graders, sometimes life is unfair.

Cher in her Ms. Cowhide USA Pageant Leather Outfit

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