President To Issue New Coronavirus Recommendations

Trump set to urge Americans to wear face coverings when outside

Politico – President Donald Trump is preparing to encourage Americans to wear face coverings, the latest effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus, according to three individuals with knowledge of the planned announcement.

Trump’s planned guidance — which two officials said is imminent but not yet finalized — would encourage Americans to use homemade coverings, like cloth masks, scarves or bandannas, when outside the home. Health experts believe that the practice, which is common in nations like Singapore and Japan but unusual in the United States, would reduce the risk of individuals not exhibiting symptoms spreading the disease.

Ozzy Knows A Thing Or Two About The Chinese Coronavirus…

…Cause Ozzy Knows A Thing Or Two About Bats.

Des Moines RegisterIt was the chomp heard ’round the world… when, on Jan. 20, 1982, Ozzy Osbourne dined on a bat while on stage in Des Moines in front of 5,000 or so witnesses.  The landmark night turned out to be a bloody decapitation…By a looney Englishman with toxic drug habits whose job description at the time read something like “dark prince of heavy metal.”

So, yeah.  Ozzy knows a thing or two about a bat or two.

**Thanks Anon in MT