Voila – Nothing To See Behind The Curtain

Here’s your next monster “As Seen On TV” product – The Shower Curtain Sniffer. I can see the ad volume surpassing even the ‘My Pillow’ guy’s omnipresent ads.

Auditioning For a Bit Part In a Fruit Salad

Fire Him In A Kiln For Perfect Yard Art

Mr. Greenware Before First Firing

Rube Goldberg’s Adventures With Thomas Train

Here’s where Rube Goldberg meets ‘The Little Engine That Could‘.  “I think I can, I think?”  Not quite right, but could the ‘Little Engine’s’ name be Thomas “The Rube” Train?  That would be pretty special, wouldn’t it?

Baby Android Alien, or Naked Tickle Me Elmo?

Give the gift that insures your kid will never want to watch ‘Sesame Street‘ again.

Santa’s Gonna Be One Reindeer Short Of A Full Load

Neighbors Call Cops On Christmas Decorations

Why would anyone call the Cops for a work of art? Everyone is just so ‘effing “Bah Humbug” PC-Politically Correct these days.

Play Some Hockey, Eh?