Memo To John Podesta – ‘Effing Suck It Up

John Podesta is having a hissy fit in today’s WashingtonPost’s venting, “Something is deeply broken at the FBI“.  He spews,

The more we learn about the Russian plot to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s campaign and elect Donald Trump, and the failure of the FBI to adequately respond, the more shocking it gets. The former acting director of the CIA has called the Russian cyberattack “the political equivalent of 9/11.” Just as after the real 9/11, we need a robust, independent investigation into what went wrong inside the government and how to better protect our country in the future.

Well, John, compared to your previous job description and duties, it’s obvious you have way too much time on your hands. I suggest two possibilities to help you fill the empty hours: 1) Download ‘Tinfoil’ hat construction techniques and begin practicing, and 2) Start on that great American novel you have always yearned to write. Call it, “The Siberian Candidate – How Donald Trump with the Help of Vlad Putin and the KGB Stole the Election From My Boss, Hillary Clinton, Who was Entitled to be the First Woman President of the United States, but that misogynist Donald Trump Grabbed Her By the Emails (I mean Femails) and Kept Her (Us) From Our Destiny.”

Or,  you could just ‘effing suck it up, John.