Meanwhile In Canada – MTTA: Make Trudeau [A Drama] Teacher Again

MTTA: Make Trudeau [A Drama] Teacher Again.  I personally thought the meme should have been “Make Trudeau A Drama Queen Again”, but most folks believe he multi-tasks quite well, so being a “drama queen” goes without saying.  He wears both hats very well, thank you.


Trump’s Deal Making 101 – Stake Out Your Negotiating Position

US, Canada, and Mexico have a new NAFTA deal. It’s called USMCA. Any questions as to why Canada signed on?


Justin Trudeau – And Then His Eyebrows Fell Off!!!


Trump to Trudeau – “Let Me Help You Out With Those Eyebrows….?”


Trump Distracted By Kim?

It appears Justin has finally grown a pair. Heh.


Justin Trudeau’s Escaped Eyebrow Found On It’s Way To The Calgary ‘Stampede’

Claim.  “I was just Trying To Get Away From All The Girlie Men.”