Liberals Screwing Up a Wet Dream – Metaphorically Speaking

You cannot make this news up.  Heh.  From,   “Ha: Fidel Castro’s Funeral Vehicle Broke Down Mid-Procession“.

An almost amusing sight at Fidel Castro’s funeral procession: the car carrying his remains reportedly broke down and had to be pushed by soldiers.

castro__broke_down_hearseThe vehicle was reportedly Russian-built.

Pictures of the scene quickly spread on Twitter, with people calling it a “fitting metaphor” for the Castro regime:  1) Look no further for Cuba metaphors – Fidel’s final journey ends with a breakdown 2) How fitting: The jeep carrying Fidel Castro’s ashes broke down and soldiers had to push it the rest of the way to the cemetery. 3) Cuban soldiers push Fidel’s broken-down funeral vehicle — an Econ teacher’s dream-come-true for a metaphor HT.