Giddy With Schadenfreude

They say, Senator Schumer, that Schadenfreude is a real bitch. Enjoy her company whilst you try and get rested up for your DACA Negotiations with President Trump.

#SchemingSchumer And His #ShutdownDreamers

President Trump’s new ad, “Complicit”, inexorably ties the Democrats to Illegal Immigrant crime. #SchemingSchumer and his Democratic cohort will own every murder, every rape, every drug deal, every strong arm robbery, every drug overdose death and every other crime committed by these #ShutdownDreamers. It’s a shame that the only trial #SchemingSchumer and his Democrats will stand for is election, because they are certainly ‘complicit’ in the rest.

Here’s a few of #SchemingSchumer’s finest #ShutdownDreamers.