Convicted Voter Fraud Felon Gets Hero’s Welcome by Dems

According to the Daily Caller, this felon, also a “Six-time Obama voter[’s] group received Obama administration grant“. Free money, in other words.

The woman who admitted to voting for President Barack Obama six times worked for and sat on the board of a group that received an Obama Dems_Honor_Voter_Fraudadministration Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant.

Melowese Richardson admitted in 2013 to voting six times for Obama’s re-election while working as a poll worker in Hamilton County, Ohio. Initially convicted on state voter fraud charges and sentenced to five years in prison, Richardson served eight months before the George Soros-funded Ohio Justice and Policy Center helped lessen her sentence to probation. Richardson appeared last week at a rally with some Ohio Democrats and Al Sharpton, who publicly gave her a hug.