NBC’s Lester Holt – North Korean Tool

Lester was so busy ‘reporting’ on how good the Norks have it now (see the happy skiers, everyone), that no one on that crack NBC staff noticed that virtually everyone was wearing one of a half dozen identical styles.  Just look behind Lester…. You’ve got your Orange Pair, Your Aqua Pair, Your Minty Green Pair and Your Blue Pair. Heh.  It’s “ParkaGate”.  Read a little further, and we’ll show you what Lester has in common with ‘Hanoi Jane’ Fonda.


Hey, Matt Lauer – You Shoulda’ Tried WD-40 Instead

Breitbart reports, “NBC News Fires Matt Lauer Over Allegations of Sexual Misconduct“.

Matt Lauer, the longtime left-wing anchor of NBC’s Today Show, was fired Wednesday over allegations of sexual misconduct, according to the New York Times.

Along with Charlie Rose at CBS, Lauer is the second morning anchor to lose his job over sexual misconduct allegations. Last month NBC fired political commentator Mark Halperin after numerous women claimed he had behaved in appropriately with them while he was working at ABC/Disney.


Every Picture Tells a Story

The Wall Street Journal headline explains the sad, sad faces on the CNN Election crew, “GOP’s Karen Handel Beats Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia“.  Every picture does tell a story, don’t it?

Rod Stewart – “Every Picture Tells a Story”


‘Bagdad Wolf’ Defends “Brain Muncher” Associate’s Trump Attacks

From the Daily Caller we get this tasty morsel, “CNN Host Who Ate Human Brain Says Trump Is An ‘Embarrassment To Humankind’“.  In his colleague’s defense, Bagdad Wolf Blitzer stated, “Trump made Reza eat the brains which cause him to contract ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ a disease quite similar to Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) or ‘Mad Cow Disease’.  Yuk.

Bagdad Wolf show defending ‘Braineater’ Reza Aslan

CNN host Reza Aslan, who recently ate human brain on national television, called President Trump an “embarrassment to humankind” for reiterating his call for a travel ban in the aftermath of the London terror attacks.

“We need to be smart, vigilant and tough. We need the courts to give us back our rights,” Trump tweeted. “We need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety!”

“This piece of shit is not just an embarrassment to America and a stain on the presidency,” Aslan tweeted in response. “He’s an embarrassment to humankind.”