PSA – Help Keep Our Wildlife Friends Warm

Cooking temperatures for our Wild Buddies:

Chops, steaks and roasts (deer, elk, moose, caribou/reindeer, antelope and pronghorn)
Well done74°C (165°F)
Ground meat
Ground meat and meat mixtures74°C (165°F)
Ground venison and sausage74°C (165°F)
Large game
Bear, bison, musk-ox, walrus, etc.74°C (165°F)
Small game
Rabbit, muskrat, beaver, etc.74°C (165°F)
Game birds/waterfowl (for example, wild turkey, duck, goose, partridge and pheasant)
Whole82°C (180°F)
Breasts and roasts74°C (165°F)
Thighs, wings74°C (165°F)
Stuffing (cooked alone or in bird)74°C (165°F)


**Provided by the Government of Canada – They know wild.