Timothy Leary’s Dead

The Daily Star reports, “LSD making comeback as professionals drop ACID before work“.  No more of that “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out” as preached by the Grand Poobah of hallucinogenics, Dr. Timothy Leary.

With their power to melt minds, psychedelics have a fearsome reputation.

But a growing consensus of professionals and athletes believe taking smaller and smarter doses of psychedelics can improve performance both in the office and on the track.

From heightening creativity and focus at work to improving PB’s and enhancing endurance, psychedelics’ positive potential is gaining acceptance.

Hallucinogenic drugs have suffered from a stigma ever since 1960s LSD advocate Timothy Leary popularised it as a recreational substance, with the resulting dangerous doses and ‘bad trips’ making headlines.

The Moody Blues – “Legend of a Mind (Timothy Leary’s Dead)”

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