Biden Asked If Putin Is A Killer – Channels Hillary’s “At This Point What Difference Does It Make?”

‘Cognitive Interruptus’

At NATO presser, Biden was asked if Vladimir Putin is a “killer,” Joe weirdly laughs, channels Hillary Clinton and says, “I don’t think it matters a whole lot.” Notice the ‘Cognitive Interruptus’ as Joe searches for an answer.

Russia’s Putin Blows Kisses To The Democratic Party

Russia’s Putin Praises ‘Ideological’ Links Between Democrats, Soviet Communism

Vlad says, “Hey, Joe. Russian girls smell simply marvelous.”

Breitbart–Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that he could work with Joe Biden in a new administration, citing common ground he shared with the Democrats over a shared embrace of Soviet ideology.

The Russian leader even argued that the values of the Democrats were similar to those of the Soviet Communist Party, of which he said he’d been a member for 18 years. The Soviet regime’s longtime ties with the Black community in the U.S. could also be a basis for links to the Democrats, he said.

Vladimir’s CyberMonday Special

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